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Steam Unicorn by IscaRedspider

Well,as my first critique, I'm probably going to be bad at this, but, here I go. I really liked the overall design. I thought it was a ...


I'm the one you love to
Laugh out of the room
Because I dare to hold
Someone more important than I.

I'm the one you call stupid
Dumb, ignorant, because I dare
To believe that the beautiful universe
Was Created, not meaningless.

I'm the one you call hateful
As I speak to you out of love.
I don't approve of your choices, so
You can layer on the hatred.

I'm the one you call illogical
When I say there is one Truth.
You believe a thousand contradictions
Are all the same, all equal.

I'm the one you blame for war
And every evil in the world.
But without me, you'd lose
Much of the good in the world.

I'm the one who is "against science"
Because I believe there is more here
Than just atoms and matter, more than
Chemicals and compounds.

I'm the one you laugh at
Because I don't act like an
Animal in heat, with no restraint.
I dare to control my urges.

I'm the one you said should
Be wiped off the face of the map
For all the violence and hatred
You claim I promote.

I'm the one you call hateful
Secretly persecuting you.
You took offense to me not
Bowing before you with praise.

I'm the one, the oppressor,
Because my brothers are all
Tortured and beaten and killed
For the beliefs we don't abandon.

I'm the one who dares to
Believe in human dignity,
Believe in meaning and Truth.
To believe in a Creator.

I'm the one you blame for the wars
Of the entire world. Don't forget, 
While religion may have involved war
Genocide is atheism's specialty.
I'm The One
Bored. Waiting for work. Reading that my brothers are the most persecuted group in the world.

Happy Valentine's Day from :iconxandria-fans:!

    Now, I have a few things to rant about, so I'll make them quick, and I'll end on a sweet note. Two issues on the opposite ends of the love spectrum irked me. 
    One was V-Day. In other words, the feminazis' movement to replace Valentine's Day -a celebration of romantic love- with what they called V-Day. Violence Against Women Day. Now, I wouldn't have had a problem if it was the day before, or the day after, or any other non-holiday date. But it had to be Valentine's Day. Why? They don't like it. Feminazi ideology is not "A woman is equal to a man." I believe that. Their ideology is either "Women are always victims and deserve to be treated as superior to men," or "Women are better than men."
    Both very bad positions. But, why do they attack Valentine's Day? Because romantic love, romance, and love in general is something that is only capable between equals. Of the four types of love, three of them (Storge or familial love, Eros or romantic love, and philia or friendship) can only happen between equals (Agape, or God's love, or charity, is from God, and not between equals). Feminazis don't want equals. They want superiors (Women) and inferiors (men). Healthy relationships cannot last between a superior and inferior. 
    So, instead of self-examination, feminazis attack healthy relationships. Instead of realizing that their own twisted worldview is keeping relationships unstable, rather than strengthening them, they go after the way relationships are strengthened. Instead of realizing their own ideology is flawed, they vilify what they cannot attain.
    I'd be happy to have a Violence Against Women Day that's not on February 14th. I believe it should be called attention to. I abhor violence against women. I abhor violence against men, too. But not on Valentine's Day. That's a celebration. We don't need you to crash the party and depress us all.

    Now, the other thing to rant on. Fifty Shades of Grey. That depressing piece of garbage. I know. Why is that associated with love? Why is a movie like that, a movie that was based off of a crappy, reformatted Twilight fanfic, a book that, in all honesty, is pornography, associated with Valentine's Day? Why is something as twisted and empty as a BDSM-based waste of film considered part of the celebration?
    As a Christian, I hold sex (something which I have not partaken) in high esteem. Why? It's made by God, sanctioned by Him. But it's more than just a physio-chemical reaction. It's deeply emotional, deeply spiritual. That's why I wait for marriage, why I only want to share it with one person. When I find her, I want it to be something I waited for. Something I kept sacred for her. Sex isn't just physical intimacy. It's mentally, emotionally, and spiritually intimate as well. It's not something to be shared with anybody and everybody. 
    And that is the reason Fifty Shades of Grey is so bad. It takes the sacred and profanes it. Without love, care, and reverence, it becomes base. Trite. Disgustingly primitive. A physical experience devoid of what it could be. Meaningless sex, the kind that's found in one night stands, is just that. Meaningless. It becomes dull. So, to alleviate that dullness, sex, an act that should be one of love and tenderness, is twisted.
    Fetishes like BDSM, as featured in the book and movie, are a reaction. When sex is devoid of love and tenderness, it becomes empty. These try to fill the void with pain. Consensual torture. And that's what Hollywood is glorifying. That is depraved. Sick.
    We should glorify love, not lust and perversion. I wait out of love. The characters in that piece of "fiction" (I use that word lightly. The Wheel of Time is fiction. Fifty Shades is base) act out of lust. That's what's being glorified. That's what's being lifted up as the pinnacle of human experience. It makes me sick, and it should make you sick too.

    Now, onto happier notes. Today, I'm reflecting on the aspects of love that God has given us. I think of the happy couples in my life. My parents, my friends, my family. They are the one's who celebrate Valentine's Day. And we can't forget the real source of Love. 

    "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." 1 John 4:8
   "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3: 16
    "But God demonstrated his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

    That is real love. The kind of love that doesn't cause pain. The kind of love that says, "I see how broken, how hurt, how imperfect you are. I see your flaws, your vices, your weaknesses. I see everything wrong with you, your basest desires, your blackest sins, your most depraved thoughts. And you know what? I find you precious. You're worthy enough that I'd die for you. I'd humiliate myself for you. You didn't earn this. I loved you enough that I'd suffer greatly for you."
    That is love. That is true, unconditional love. And, from the bottom of my heart, I love you. Whoever you are.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

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