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Steam Unicorn by IscaRedspider

Well,as my first critique, I'm probably going to be bad at this, but, here I go. I really liked the overall design. I thought it was a ...


I shall no longer walk the barren 
Dust of this earth.
I have been consumed
With a vision of endless night
Of fathomless void
Of nebulae mysterious
Of stars harmonious.

I shall dance among constellations,
Sing of the glories of the universe
The Creator's masterpiece.
I will leave behind the stone
The dirty, flawed Earth, and
I shall cast off the shackles that
Bind me to my mundane toil
The faint, endless mortal coil.

I shall break the many chains
That hold my soul back from
Transcendence by Love
I Cannot shatter them all
Sin, Pride, Gravity, Greed
But He can break them.

We are made of the dust
The ash, the dying breaths
Of countless stars. We are born
From dust, return to dust, 
But we never return to
The endless place in the
Starlit sky, that place
That is our home.
I have just finished the Wheel of Time series. How does one explain it? How can one truly show, or write, something that changes them? In a way, it reminds me of my faith. There isn't a way to quantify the feelings, but they are too strong to be simply ignored. Such is my faith, and such were the feelings as I turned the final pages of A Memory of Light.
  The story left me breathless.  Stories of this scale are few and far between, and for good reason. Crafting a masterpiece like this is no easy task. Two people -Original author Robert Jordan and cover artist Darrell Sweet_ have passed away as the Wheel turned. Brandon Sanderson, one of my favorite authors, finished the epic saga, and Michael Whelan did a phenomenal job on the cover of A Memory of Light. It took me around a year to finish it.
  But those days were some of my favorite days. I walked the mysterious hallsof Tar Valon, climbed the treacherous peak of Dragonmount, and saw the Last Battle, Tarmon Gai'don, fought at Shayol Ghul. I watched people grow up (Or in Mat's case, fail to do so :) ). I saw battles fought, I saw kingdoms fall, and I saw men and women rise above what the world told them they were.
  This series is epic in every sense of the word. It has changed me, influenced my writing. I hope that my books are a mere shadow of what the Wheel of Time was.
  I've walked the path of the three ta'veren, and I shall do it again, many times in the future. I walked it with those characters; they have become something more, something that will be a part of me forever.
  Weave on, Wheel of Time!


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Always loved to draw, and always will.

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