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Steam Unicorn by IscaRedspider

Well,as my first critique, I'm probably going to be bad at this, but, here I go. I really liked the overall design. I thought it was a ...



    Okay. Imagine there's this one guy...maybe fifteen. His name's Pete. He's small, scrawny, and he's got some anger problems and some esteem issues. He really wants to fit in with this one group of kids. Their names are Sam, Eric, and Scott. And a few other kids. Now, Sam, Eric, and Scott are major bullies. They hate everyone else. Once the day is over at high school, they're most often found beating some poor kid up for his lunch money. Or just because.
    Now, Pete wanted them to accept him. They said, "Sure, but you're not worthy of us. To be worthy, you have to beat up him." They point to this shorter guy named Isaac. Isaac may have been short, but he was strong. He lifted weights, he practiced martial arts. I mean, this guy was a beast!
    Pete makes up some excuse to go fight him on a lie. Instead of beating up Isaac to near death (as was his plan, because Pete really hated Isaac too...really, everyone hated Isaac for no acceptable reason), Pete gets his rear handed to him on a silver platter. Isaac got a black eye. Pete got two black eyes and lost a few teeth. Called in front of the principal, Pete repeats an obvious lie that Isaac forced him to fight, that Isaac started it, and the principal believes him. Isaac, however, offers to take Pete's detention, and serve two instead of one. The principal agrees, and spends the rest of the time blaming Isaac for what Pete did.
    Pete goes back to being himself, which means mistreating his fellow female students, beating up fellow gay students. He also befriends a guy named Harry. Harry gives him a knife to use against Isaac. So, when the time comes, he has a cheap shot.
    Isaac, meanwhile, is teased and scorned by his fellow classmates for daring to defend himself. But what they didn't know was that, when he was seven, a twelve-year old bully named Albert had beaten Isaac so bad, he nearly died. Why did Albert do it? Because he hated Isaac too. But after that, Isaac decided enough is enough. He learned to fight. He fought hard to defend himself. But now, people told him he was as bad as Albert for daring to not be beaten to a pulp.
    So, later, when Pete started to recuperate, he attacked Isaac, this time, trying to kill him. Isaac had to act fast. He knocked Pete out, even after he got slashed. Bleeding, Isaac went to the nurse, where she told him to bandage himself up. So, without much complaint, Isaac did. 
    Meanwhile,  the principal, the gangs, and Pete all went after Isaac. They called him a monster. They said he was just like Harry, the guy who beat him up. But somehow, Isaac survived. 
    Now, to this day, there are groups speaking about how Isaac is a bully. There are people who believe Isaac should be dead. But despite this...Isaac still trudges on. He's surviving when the entire world turns against him.
    Who's the victim?

    If you said Isaac, then congrats! You have common sense! If you said Pete, then sorry. You need to get a new type of moral system.
    Now, that makes sense. Isaac only defended himself against Pete's assaults. Right? Then why is Israel (the country) called an apartheid state for defending herself? Why are the Palestinians applauded for attacking Israel when Israel gave Palestinians the chance for their own government, their own sovereign nation? Why? If you sided with Isaac, you should side with Israel. After all, that's who he's based on in the brief history/allegory of the State of Israel's existence shown above.

Viva Israel.
The Story of Two Kids
Yes. You see, Israel is the only really good country in the Middle East, where gays and lesbians and whatever else are treated with fairness, where women can wear whatever they want and do whatever they want, where you can be Christian, Jewish, or Muslim.
He didn't take me
A bad man
And make him good.
He didn't tame me.

He didn't take me
A deviant
And simply strain out
All the flaws in the system.

He didn't take me
A victim
And give the cure
That would fix me.

He touched me,
A dead man,
And brought me to life
At the cost of His.
Golda Meir said it right. "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us."

Long live Israel, the greatest country in the Middle East

Happy Valentine's Day from :iconxandria-fans:!

    Now, I have a few things to rant about, so I'll make them quick, and I'll end on a sweet note. Two issues on the opposite ends of the love spectrum irked me. 
    One was V-Day. In other words, the feminazis' movement to replace Valentine's Day -a celebration of romantic love- with what they called V-Day. Violence Against Women Day. Now, I wouldn't have had a problem if it was the day before, or the day after, or any other non-holiday date. But it had to be Valentine's Day. Why? They don't like it. Feminazi ideology is not "A woman is equal to a man." I believe that. Their ideology is either "Women are always victims and deserve to be treated as superior to men," or "Women are better than men."
    Both very bad positions. But, why do they attack Valentine's Day? Because romantic love, romance, and love in general is something that is only capable between equals. Of the four types of love, three of them (Storge or familial love, Eros or romantic love, and philia or friendship) can only happen between equals (Agape, or God's love, or charity, is from God, and not between equals). Feminazis don't want equals. They want superiors (Women) and inferiors (men). Healthy relationships cannot last between a superior and inferior. 
    So, instead of self-examination, feminazis attack healthy relationships. Instead of realizing that their own twisted worldview is keeping relationships unstable, rather than strengthening them, they go after the way relationships are strengthened. Instead of realizing their own ideology is flawed, they vilify what they cannot attain.
    I'd be happy to have a Violence Against Women Day that's not on February 14th. I believe it should be called attention to. I abhor violence against women. I abhor violence against men, too. But not on Valentine's Day. That's a celebration. We don't need you to crash the party and depress us all.

    Now, the other thing to rant on. Fifty Shades of Grey. That depressing piece of garbage. I know. Why is that associated with love? Why is a movie like that, a movie that was based off of a crappy, reformatted Twilight fanfic, a book that, in all honesty, is pornography, associated with Valentine's Day? Why is something as twisted and empty as a BDSM-based waste of film considered part of the celebration?
    As a Christian, I hold sex (something which I have not partaken) in high esteem. Why? It's made by God, sanctioned by Him. But it's more than just a physio-chemical reaction. It's deeply emotional, deeply spiritual. That's why I wait for marriage, why I only want to share it with one person. When I find her, I want it to be something I waited for. Something I kept sacred for her. Sex isn't just physical intimacy. It's mentally, emotionally, and spiritually intimate as well. It's not something to be shared with anybody and everybody. 
    And that is the reason Fifty Shades of Grey is so bad. It takes the sacred and profanes it. Without love, care, and reverence, it becomes base. Trite. Disgustingly primitive. A physical experience devoid of what it could be. Meaningless sex, the kind that's found in one night stands, is just that. Meaningless. It becomes dull. So, to alleviate that dullness, sex, an act that should be one of love and tenderness, is twisted.
    Fetishes like BDSM, as featured in the book and movie, are a reaction. When sex is devoid of love and tenderness, it becomes empty. These try to fill the void with pain. Consensual torture. And that's what Hollywood is glorifying. That is depraved. Sick.
    We should glorify love, not lust and perversion. I wait out of love. The characters in that piece of "fiction" (I use that word lightly. The Wheel of Time is fiction. Fifty Shades is base) act out of lust. That's what's being glorified. That's what's being lifted up as the pinnacle of human experience. It makes me sick, and it should make you sick too.

    Now, onto happier notes. Today, I'm reflecting on the aspects of love that God has given us. I think of the happy couples in my life. My parents, my friends, my family. They are the one's who celebrate Valentine's Day. And we can't forget the real source of Love. 

    "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." 1 John 4:8
   "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3: 16
    "But God demonstrated his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

    That is real love. The kind of love that doesn't cause pain. The kind of love that says, "I see how broken, how hurt, how imperfect you are. I see your flaws, your vices, your weaknesses. I see everything wrong with you, your basest desires, your blackest sins, your most depraved thoughts. And you know what? I find you precious. You're worthy enough that I'd die for you. I'd humiliate myself for you. You didn't earn this. I loved you enough that I'd suffer greatly for you."
    That is love. That is true, unconditional love. And, from the bottom of my heart, I love you. Whoever you are.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

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